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How many of you have a gym membership? And how many of you actually use your gym membership?

You see, I understand going to the gym can be quite boring. And I know the feeling when you make 6 repetitions instead of 10.Later, when your friends ask you how was your workout, you get all pumped and you proudly say you have pushed yourself to the limit today.

But you as well as your body know that this is not true. But there is a way where working out can be fun and where you and your body will actually feel the benefits of your workout. The solution is called CrossFit, and there is one in Frankfurt.

We met with Steve Antcliff, owner of CrossFit am Main, and asked him a few questions about this program.

FB: How did you came up with the idea of CrossFit and why CrossFit?
- Crossfit is a sport that has been running in the USA for some years and offers a great way to approach your training. I had done a number  of years training in gyms etc but nothing has driven my motivation like CrossFit.

FB: What is the difference between CrossFit and fitness programs like Insanity or P90x which are quite popular at the moment?
-  I don’t know P90x and I am sure it and Insanity offer positives as well. However Crossfit offers the complete package, constantly varied training, so you never get bored, high intensity so workouts are generally short. The movements are what you would use in your daily life, so you’re exercising your whole body. Another key part is the community that supports everyone.  This really is amazing for your motivation.

FB: Would you recommend it to “not so fit” beginners? Does the initial program cover this?
- I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. We’re constantly scaling workings so that they can be completed by all. For example not everybody uses the same weights or jumps on the same height of box. We also run a beginners course to ensure they learn the movements safely.

FB: Most people will always wonder if this program will do miracles for them. What are the benefits and what should people expect if for example they stick to 3 months with CrossFit?
- We have people that have been with us for 3 months and have made great progress. For example, someone has lost 10kg in weight another has increased their squat by 20% and others feel they have so much more energy since starting with CFAM. The list of success stories goes on and on.

FB: Finally, let me ask you which are your Top 5 Tracks to push your daily workout even harder?
- Sure here they are:

Linkin Park – Bleed it out
AC/DC – Thunderstuck
Rage against the Machine – Killing in the name of
Klingande – Jubel
Imagine Dragons – Radioactive

CFAM gives away a free spot in their November Intro Courses worth 120 euro to one of our readers.

To enter the competition and get a chance to win this amazing price please fill out the form on the link below:

CFAM Competition Sign Up Form

The winner will be announced on our Facebook Page!

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Address: Morsestrasse 25,  60486 Frankfurt am Main
Phone: +49 (0) 15127563750

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2 comments on “CrossFit in Frankfurt am Main – CFAM

  1. Charlotte on said:

    My friend does it and it does look like fun but I’m not sure I’d be able to keep it up enough to make it work.

  2. Adam on said:

    My GF & I are almost finished the intro course and we love it!

    We are at totally different fitness levels but, after a session both feel like we push as hard as we could and got something out of it. You never get board, I swear we haven’t done the same exercise twice – so even if you are sore from the session before, you can complete the next one and feel good about it.

    Most importantly – everyone is super friendly and supportive, before every session people randomly say Hi, during a session people you’ve never met before are cheering you on or offering support if you’re struggling and best of all there are no posers. Just people who want to stay healthy and meet other like minded people.

    The trainers…. are awesome, they are always there to help out and are easy to approach if you have questions or are not sure about something.

    I would highly recommend this to anyone.

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