Our guide to some of the best things to do in and around Frankfurt am Main. From seasonal activities to one day trips.

Main Tower Frankfurt – Helaba

Main Tower Frankfurt

Let’s be honest, Frankfurt is not famous for its sight-seeing possibilities. Many other German cities offer many more tourist attractions than Frankfurt, but here you should not miss Main Tower, which opened in early 2000. An impressive 240 meters high, it is the fourth highest tower in the city.

MyZeil Shopping Center Frankfurt

MyZeil Frankfurt

MyZeil in Frankfurt, which opened in 2009, quickly became a favorite spot for Frankfurt shoppers. Designed by Studio Fuskas, it features one of the most intriguing designs in the city. Looking at it from the inside, you have the impression of a vortex starting on the bottom floor and ending on the top floor. The glass and steel facade offers a lot of natural daylight, which makes it quite different from classical shopping centers.

Frankfurt ZOO

Frankfurt am Main Zoo

If you are ever looking for a great place for you and your family to spend the afternoon, the Frankfurt ZOO is the answer. Located conveniently in the center of the city, it is easily accessible by car as well as public transportation. However, parking can be a problem sometimes, especially when the weather is really nice and the Zoo is really crowded. We would recommend taking the underground line U6/U7 and getting out directly at the ZOO station. Another option is tram 14 which will also take you directly to the ZOO. If you are not in a lazy Sunday kind of mood, why not walk from the Zeil area to the Zoo? It will take you less than 15 minutes.

CrossFit in Frankfurt am Main – CFAM

CrossFit am Main

How many of you have a gym membership? And how many of you actually use your gym membership?

You see, I understand going to the gym can be quite boring. And I know the feeling when you make 6 repetitions instead of 10.Later, when your friends ask you how was your workout, you get all pumped and you proudly say you have pushed yourself to the limit today.

But you as well as your body know that this is not true. But there is a way where working out can be fun and where you and your body will actually feel the benefits of your workout. The solution is called CrossFit, and there is one in Frankfurt.

Skyline Plaza Frankfurt

Skyline Plaza Frankfurt

Skyline Plaza is the newest trendy Shopping Mall in Frankfurt opened in September 2013. Located just next to the Frankfurt Fair, expect that it could be quite crowded especially on the days when there is a Fair Show. We would not suggest going there by car because the waiting lines to get into the parking space can sometimes be a bit too long. The easiest way to reach Skyline Plaza Frankfurt is to get there by U-Bahn, line U4, and get off at station Frankfurt Messe. From there is only few minutes walk to the shopping mall positioned in the heart of the new Europaviertel.

Montmartre am Main


Interested in the arts and looking for an international get together to enjoy on Sundays? Look no further and join our friends at Montmartre am Main!

Montmartre am Main is an international get-together of professional and non-professional artists, basically anyone who’s interested in the arts, free of charge. They welcome you to bring your material (an easle or sketchbook) and join their open air painting sessions that take place from April/May until September/October every 2nd week Sunday from 14h to 17h aprox. on the border of the river Main at Frankfurt-Hoechst (Batterie/Zolltor). Parking spots are available on site and kids are welcome too.

Berger Strassenfest


Food, drinks and live music during a whole weekend as the weather gets warm in the heart of Frankfurt’s Berger Strasse. One of the city’s best street festivals if you ask us!

You will find all sorts of stalls offering German festival-food-favorites like curry wurst and fries, Spanish paellas, Indian specialties like samosas and tandoori chicken, and of course all the drinks you can think of. From ‘erdbeerebowle’ strawberry punch to beer, wine and Brazilian cocktails.

Staedel Museum


One of Germany’s most famous art institutions, the Staedel Museum is the pride and glory of many Frankfurters.

It boasts an impressive collection of classic and modern art, and since February 2012, an extraordinary underground extension constructed under the museums gardens, invisible from the outside but displaying a vast collection of contemporary art on the inside, lit by the nearly 200 skylights ‘cut’ through the ceiling. Quite spectacular.

If you dig into the story of how the museum came to be and how it is run today, you enter the world of Frankfurter bankers, wealthy donors and their desire to bring beautifying art to this city of finance.



A must-see for anyone living in or visiting the city, Frankfurt’s Botanical Garden, the Palmengarten, is truly a green gem.

In the city’s Westend neighbourhood, it’s a perfect place to visit in Frankfurt especially during Spring or Summer. You’ve got the various greenhouses with different climates from all over the world, the pond full of fishes and turtles where you can rent a rowing boat

Main River Bicycle Route

Bike Route Frankfurt am Main

Finally, Spring!

One of the best things Frankfurt has to offer is it’s surroundings, so if you’re looking to make the most out of the city on the weekends we suggest you grab a bike and enjoy one of it’s many nearby cycling routes.

What started off for us as a morning bike ride along the Main river from Frankfurt’s Sachsenhausen neighbourood, ended up as a 27km trip to the neighbouring city of Hanau, two and a half hours later.