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Recently opened in Spring 2012, the Gibson Club in Frankfurt’s city center hosts a great live music club during the week, and one of the city’s hottest nightclubs in the weekends.

Gibson occupies what used to be an old movie theater, which gives this brick-walled basement space a really cool vibe. And it’s run by, among others, German R&B giant Xavier Naidoo who has been known to make appearances at the club, so keep your eyes wide open if you’re a fan!

Cocoon Club

Cocoon Club Frankfurt

Aah Frankfurt. Home of the European Central Bank, Europe’s third busiest airport and of course Sven Vath, Godfather of Techno Music (it can’t all be work, Frankfurters need play too!)

The Cocoon Club, founded by Sven, is undeniably Frankfurt’s best nightclub and arguably one of the best in the world.