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Perfectly located in the middle of Frankfurt’s city center, Gregorelli’s is one of Frankfurt’s most popular and fashionable Italian restaurants: always busy, it offers very good Italian food (at not-so-high prices) in a stylish yet comfortable atmosphere.

Everything from the pastas to the fishes and meats is cooked traditionally with very well sourced ingredients (the parma ham, house-made pesto, the sun-roasted tomato bread they serve at every table…



‘Zenzakan Pan Asian Superclub’ is the name they gave this cooler than cool restaurant. ‘Super’ indeed it is.

The atmosphere at this uber stylish spot is sexy and exotic, with Buddhas decorating the dimly lit dining room and lounge music playing throughout the night. They serve stunning Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai inspired food, all prepared to perfection (creative sushi, gorgeous out of this world meats, superb wines…) 



Rinks is a stylish bar in the heart of the Berger Strasse, one of our favourite Frankfurt streets.

The decoration is cool and modern, and the drinks list nice and long! A great selection of wines, beers, whiskys, proseccos, cocktails, long drinks… these last two also available in 4 or 8 person bembels (the traditional German white and blue apfelwein jugs). 

Apfelwein Solzer


One of the city’s most authentic Frankfurter Apfelwein restaurants, Apfelwein Solzer is a great place to go if you’re looking for a fun meal and a truly German atmosphere.

In Bornheim’s Berger Strasse, Solzer’s has friendly staff, very reasonable prices (for €10,90 you get for example any of their 5 different types of yummy wiener schnitzel with bratkartoffeln and a side salad) and a great selection of beer and wines by the glass.

Moving to Frankfurt – Tips

Frankfurt Fleamarket Schaumainkai

Everyone’s situation is different. But there are so many things involved with relocating to a new city, we thought that maybe our experience could shed some light to those of you who are reading this because you’re relocating to Frankfurt and looking for some basic helpful information.

This is a small list of tips and advice which will hopefully be of use!

Goethe Institut


If you’re relocating to Frankfurt and don’t speak German, word of advice: learn it. Yes, most people speak a bit of English in the city and a very reduced number of companies have English as their corporate language, but if you want to dive even if only a little bit into German culture and not feel like a complete outsider, learning the language is the first and most important step.

The Goethe Institut is considered to be Frankfurt’s best German language school. The most renowned German cultural institution worldwide, it’s a bit pricier than most other options, but it has the most qualified teachers and delivers the best results.

Senckenberg Natural History Museum


The Senckenberg Natural History Museum is Germany’s largest museum of natural history.

A great place to go and spend a few hours in (especially during Frankfurt’s cold and rainy winter days), it’s thousands of exhibits will educate and entertain both kids and adults. It has everything from dinosaur skeletons to Egyptian mummies, stuffed animals, fossils and rocks.

Surf ‘n Turf

Surf 'n Turf Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt’s best steakhouse.

The tables are on the tight side, the service is good (although nothing out of this world) and the prices are high. But the steaks you can find in Surf ‘n Turf are some of the best in Germany.

These people have their meat flown in from some of the best beef ranches in the US, and it shows. The best piece of meat we’ve ever had was eaten here – The ‘Butterknife’ USDA Triple Star Filet Mignon.

Schloss Johannisberg

Schloss Johannisberg

Want to impress family and friends who are paying you a visit in Frankfurt? Schloss Johannisberg is our #1 pick.

A historic landmark of Germany’s wine industry, it’s also one of the countries oldest wineries producing riesling wine for over 900 years. When visiting the estate you can take a guided wine tasting tour around their candle lit cellar and 86 acres of vineyards, or have lunch at their Gutsschänke Restaurant, overlooking the vineyards and the river Rhein and offering delicious regional cuisine.



Our #1 choice for anyone looking for a young and lively neighbourhood.

The area around the Beger Strasse between Merianplatz and Bornheim Mitte is filled with small cafes, neighbourhood shops and restaurants where everyone goes for brunch on the weekends. The surroundings however are mainly quiet tree lined streets, which make Bornheim a perfectly balanced area for living.