‘Zenzakan Pan Asian Superclub’ is the name they gave this cooler than cool restaurant. ‘Super’ indeed it is.

The atmosphere at this uber stylish spot is sexy and exotic, with Buddhas decorating the dimly lit dining room and lounge music playing throughout the night. They serve stunning Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai inspired food, all prepared to perfection (creative sushi, gorgeous out of this world meats, superb wines…) If you are a meat lover, do not leave without trying their ‘Melt in Your Mouth – Teriyaki Foie Gras Beef Short Ribs “Bone-in” with Rice’. Mind blowing. The prices, as you might expect, are definitely high: a starter, main course and half a bottle of wine can cost you upwards from 70 euros per person.

In Frankfurt’s Westend neighbourhood, very close to the Alte Oper, it’s a bit tricky to reach (it’s literally underground in the middle of a concrete plaza). If you go by car, little tip: you can use the valet service of the nearby Ivory Club restaurant (same owners), and ask the valet for directions to Zenzakan.

We definitely highly recommend Zenzakan for any special occasion, it’s truly an unmissable lavish Pan-Asian experience.



*First dining room image courtesy of (too-dimly-lit-for-a-photo-to-come-out-’see’able) Zenzakan.

Address: Taunusanlage 15, 60325 Frankfurt am Main
Phone: +49 (0) 69-97086908
Website: www.mook-group.de 

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2 comments on “Zenzakan

  1. George H. on said:

    Thanks for the post. This is part of the Mook Group right? Recommend any of their others?

  2. FrankfurtsBest on said:

    Thanks George! They all serve amazing food, we definitely recommend them all. Guess it just depends on the atmosphere you are looking for… you can check all of them out here: http://www.mook-group.de/

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