Surf ‘n Turf

Surf 'n Turf Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt’s best steakhouse.

The tables are on the tight side, the service is good (although nothing out of this world) and the prices are high. But the steaks you can find in Surf ‘n Turf are some of the best in Germany.

These people have their meat flown in from some of the best beef ranches in the US, and it shows. The best piece of meat we’ve ever had was eaten here – The ‘Butterknife’ USDA Triple Star Filet Mignon. Cooked medium-rare to perfection and with a delicate peppery-mustard crust, it literally melts in your mouth. Pair it with a couple of side dishes and a bottle of California red, and you’ve got a first-rate classic American Steakhouse experience in the heart of Frankfurt.

Surf 'n Turf Frankfurt am Main

Surf 'n Turf Frankfurt am Main

Address: Grueneburgweg 95, 60323 Frankfurt am Main
Phone: +49 (0) 69-722122

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