Sausalitos Frankfurt

Sausalitos Frankfurt

If you are looking for a place in Frankfurt that young people usually enjoy, Sausalitos is the perfect spot! And when I say young, I am referring to those 18 to no more than 30. In fact, Sausalitos is great for students.

The atmosphere is pleasant, and the location is actually pretty big, but if you want a quiet night and a few beers, Sausalitos is not for you. It is usually quite crowded and rather noisy with loud dance music. Even though they have many tables, you should make reservations a few days before you plan to visit.

Most people who go to Sausalitos do not go there for the food—they go for the drinks. With great Happy Hour prices for the jumbo cocktails, you will understand why so many students like Sausalitos. For example, if you’re there on Tuesday around 17 o’clock, you will get a half-litre cocktail for just 5 euros! For beer lovers, I would suggest the beer bucket. You can get a six-pack of Tiger, San Miguel, Astra, or Corona for a special price. Be sure to order Nachos or some finger food to go along with your beer.

Sau Salitos Frankfurt

Another positive feature is that free Wi-Fi is available, so you can immediately post to Facebook the pictures you take of your huge cocktails.

Sausalitos Frankfurt am Main

Open until 2 a.m. on the weekend, Sausalitos is a perfect place to go before you hit the clubs. It is easy to find and not very far from the centre of the city. Just be sure to get off at the Bockenheimer Warte station. Sausalitos is just a short walk away.

Sausalitos Mexican

Mexican Restaurant Frankfurt


Address: Kiesstraße 36 , 60486 Frankfurt am Main
Opening Hours: Mon.-Thu.: 17:00h–01:00h – Fri.-Sat.: 17:00h-02:00h – Sun.: 17:00-01:00h
Phone: +49 (0) 69 7079 4536

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