Ebert’s Suppenstube

Ebert's Suppenstube

The size of line that forms outside of this place, every day at lunchtime, says it all.

A bit of an institution in Frankfurt’s city center, this small soup and sausage shop belongs to the family run butchers “Ebert Feinkost” across the street. They serve many types of home made soups (from potato, to chilli con carne, vegetable or lentil) and all kinds of sausages with bread and mustard, as well as a scrumptious schnitzel sandwich. Everything is absolutely ‘lecker’, and costs from 2 to 6 euros.

No wonder this place is always full!


Address: Große Bockenheimer Strasse 31, 60313 Frankfurt am Main
Phone: +49 (0) 69–20973877
Website: www.ebert-feinkost.de

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One comment on “Ebert’s Suppenstube

  1. Charlotte on said:

    I absolutely love your blog – it’s just the kind of thing I’d like my blog to be like!

    I love soup, so I have to try this place out!

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