Der Grieche Frankfurt

Der Grieche Frankfurt

If you love Mediterranean cuisine, you can’t miss this Greek Taverna located in the Fressgasse area in Frankfurt. Forget about the typical dining experience, this place takes things to a whole new level.

You are welcomed by a friendly host who starts things off with a huge range of tapas-like small dishes which are typical for Greece. You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, but the Tyrosalata (Spicy Feta Dip) and the Dolmadakia (Stuffed Grape Leaves with Rice) are both incredible. After a few Entrees and a few more Greek jokes by the host, you are ready to order your drinks. Our suggestion is to go with the nice house white wine or maybe even try a glass of Greek beer.

Do not expect the typical “eat and leave” restaurant atmosphere in Der Grieche. The Greek music always plays in the background and the atmosphere gets even hotter in the evening, the music gets louder and the ladies even start to dance on their chairs. DJ’s take control of the music from Thursdays till Sundays, creating a great environment to get your fill and also to have some fun!

Greek Taverna Frankfurt

Let’s get back to the food menu and take a look at some choices for the main dish. The decision is simple, you can go for specific Greek specialties like Moussaka or Filled Aubergines with Feta (Greek white cheese) or you can go for the various Greek specialties and experience the Grill Teller, which offers things like Gyros, Souvlaki and Lamb Chops, all served in a single dish. By the end of the meal you will feel so full that you cannot even think of a desert. Nevertheless, the host shows up again out of nowhere with an ice cold bottle of Ouzo and splashes a round on the house. What a perfect end to a perfect dinner.

Finally, a friendly reminder, Der Grieche Restaurant in Frankfurt is always fully packed with guests, especially on the weekends. To make sure you will get a table, please make your reservation beforehand. The Greek word for “Cheers” is Yamas. You will hear it and use it in this restaurant quite often. Yamas!

Der Grieche Taverna

Der Grieche Bar

Der Grieche Frankfurt am Main


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Address: Kaiserhofstraße 12,  60313 Frankfurt am Main
Opening Hours: Mon.-Fri.: 12:00h–15:00h and 17:00h-02:00 / Sat.: 14:00h–02:00h / Sun.: 17:00h-22:00h
Phone: +49 (0) 69 913 961 46

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  1. aline on said:

    Thanks for sharing! I love mediterranean cuisine to and will try this place!

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