Browse our list of our favourite Frankfurt restaurants and celebrate fabulous food with us!

Sausalitos Frankfurt

Sausalitos Frankfurt

If you are looking for a place in Frankfurt that young people usually enjoy, Sausalitos is the perfect spot! And when I say young, I am referring to those 18 to no more than 30. In fact, Sausalitos is great for students.

The atmosphere is pleasant, and the location is actually pretty big, but if you want a quiet night and a few beers, Sausalitos is not for you. It is usually quite crowded and rather noisy with loud dance music. Even though they have many tables, you should make reservations a few days before you plan to visit.

Leib und Seele Frankfurt


Let’s talk about the best place to get schnitzel and spare ribs in Frankfurt. If you are looking for classic German cuisine, Leib und Seele will hit the spot perfectly. It is probably also one of the busiest restaurants in the center of the city. Located just a few meters opposite the back entrance of Sport Arena in the Zeil area, Leib und Seele is always filled with happy guests, especially in the busy shopping hours. You might have to wait a few minutes for your table, but it’s well worth it. Why not grab a beer at the bar while you’re waiting to be seated?

Der Grieche Frankfurt

Der Grieche Frankfurt

If you love Mediterranean cuisine, you can’t miss this Greek Taverna located in the Fressgasse area in Frankfurt. Forget about the typical dining experience, this place takes things to a whole new level.

You are welcomed by a friendly host who starts things off with a huge range of tapas-like small dishes which are typical for Greece. You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, but the Tyrosalata (Spicy Feta Dip) and the Dolmadakia (Stuffed Grape Leaves with Rice) are both incredible. After a few Entrees and a few more Greek jokes by the host, you are ready to order your drinks. Our suggestion is to go with the nice house white wine or maybe even try a glass of Greek beer.

Vai Vai


Vai Vai is a mix between a cool Italian trattoria straight out of New York City, a bar serving great cocktails, and a lounge. One of the hottest restaurants in Frankfurt right now.

With its bubbling atmosphere and open kitchen, you will be sure to enjoy the experience. The food is also excellent, which makes Vai Vai one of our top choices in Frankfurt.



Our number one place for brunch in Frankfurt.

In the heart of much-loved Berger Strasse, Ginkgo’s is always busy and full, offering breakfast favorites like eggs, sandwiches and pancakes, and one of the street’s best outside seating areas. From the freshly squeezed orange juice to the bread and coffee, everything is freshly prepared and tasty.

El Pacifico


Frankfurt’s oldest Mexican restaurant El Pacifico has been serving up some of the city’s best Mexican food and cocktails for over 27 years.

Its location is great (very close to the lively area of Merianplatz) and the food is very good, but the best thing about it is its atmosphere. Every detail at El Pacifico has been extremely well taken care of: from the music and the decoration, to the salt shakers and tortilla warmers. It literally feels like you’re enjoying their food and drinks in the heart of Mexico.

Ebert’s Suppenstube

Ebert's Suppenstube

The size of line that forms outside of this place, every day at lunchtime, says it all.

A bit of an institution in Frankfurt’s city center, this small soup and sausage shop belongs to the family run butchers “Ebert Feinkost” across the street. They serve many types of home made soups (from potato, to chilli con carne, vegetable or lentil) and all kinds of sausages with bread and mustard, as well as a scrumptious schnitzel sandwich.


Fujiwara 3

Most Japanese expats will tell you this is their favorite Japanese restaurant in Frankfurt. We agree.

Everything in this small restaurant in Frankfurt’s Sachsenhausen neighbourhood is superb. You can see the traditional Japanese sushi chef at work, creating succulent sashimi (salmon that literally melts in your mouth), nigiris and rolls. They also prepare delicious traditional Japanese meat and fish dishes, together with various tempuras, soba and udon noodles.



Perfectly located in the middle of Frankfurt’s city center, Gregorelli’s is one of Frankfurt’s most popular and fashionable Italian restaurants: always busy, it offers very good Italian food (at not-so-high prices) in a stylish yet comfortable atmosphere.

Everything from the pastas to the fishes and meats is cooked traditionally with very well sourced ingredients (the parma ham, house-made pesto, the sun-roasted tomato bread they serve at every table…



‘Zenzakan Pan Asian Superclub’ is the name they gave this cooler than cool restaurant. ‘Super’ indeed it is.

The atmosphere at this uber stylish spot is sexy and exotic, with Buddhas decorating the dimly lit dining room and lounge music playing throughout the night. They serve stunning Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai inspired food, all prepared to perfection (creative sushi, gorgeous out of this world meats, superb wines…)