Moving to Frankfurt – Tips

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Everyone’s situation is different. But there are so many things involved with relocating to a new city, we thought that maybe our experience could shed some light to those of you who are reading this because you’re relocating to Frankfurt and looking for some basic helpful information.

This is a small list of tips and advice which will hopefully be of use!

The go-to forum for Frankfurt “how to’s”:
Toytown Germany‘s discussion forum on Frankfurt has answers to almost anything you might be wondering. Looking for meet-up groups? Doubts on how to register at the local town hall? Need information on how to find English speaking doctors? It’s all in there!

Looking for apartments:
Check out Inmobilienscout 24, Germany’s biggest apartment rental search listing available online.

What neighbourhood to choose:
Browse our list of favourite Franfurt Neighbourhoods.

Public Transport:
Need to get from one point to another and don’t know what u-bahn, s-bahn, bus or train you have to take? Check out the RMV Route Planner for a great tool on how to go from point A to B in the entire Rhein-Main area.

Learning German:
If your budget can permit it, we highly recommend Goethe Institut. If your budget is tighter , the Volkshochschule has a great reputation for wallet-friendly courses and has various centers across Frankfurt.

Looking for a new job:
Relocated here with your partner because of his job, which has left you currently job-less and looking for new employment? Fear not, there are many people in this city in the exact same position as you. For those of you looking for English-speaking jobs, check out The Local and Jobs in Frankfurt. For general job listing sites with almost everything you can go to Monster or Stepstone. If you’re looking for an online professional networking site, check out Xing (the German’s version of Linkedin – almost everyone’s on it).

Got all of the above covered, and now you’re looking to have some fun?
Check out our guides to Frankfurt restaurants and things to do and start enjoying the city!

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