Hugendubel Bookshop

Hugendubel Frankfurt

Frankfurt’s best English bookshop.

Frankfurt’s best bookshop in gerenal,  for that matter. Its red leather sofas scattered around each floor also make Hugendubel a great place for Frankfurt’s long winter rainy days, as you can comfortably lounge and read for as long as you want.

The bookshop’s 4 floors house pretty much anything you can think of, from novels, cooking and childrens books to magazines and a Coffe Shop. A large section of the ground floor is dedicated to English language literature, where you will find city pocket guides, cookbooks, novels and a good selection of International Magazines (The Economist, Monocle, Wallpaper, UK and US Vogue, Hello! and many more). Especially handy if you’re going through a bit of the homesick blues…

If you ‘re looking for a free read, there are the lovely Open Bookshelves scattered around the city. These public bookshelves placed in the middle of the street contain both adult and childrens books, and you are free to open the glass door, take a book of your choice and leave a book you’ve already read.

Hugendubel Frankfurt

Hugendubel Frankfurt

Hugendubel Frankfurt

Hugendubel Frankfurt

Hugendubel Frankfurt

Address: Steinweg 12, 60313 Frankfurt am Main
Phone: +49 (0) 89-30757575

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One comment on “Hugendubel Bookshop

  1. Beniamin on said:

    I really enjoy that bookshop ! There are many interesting books and very comfortable sofas ;)

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