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frankfurt open bookshelves

Take a book, leave a book. What a beautiful thing.

You open the bookshelf, browse a bit and take a book you feel like reading. Ideally you replace it with one you brought from home which you already read. No registration, due date or payment. It’s absolutely free. Known locally as  Offener Bücherschrank (Open Bookshelf), there are a few around Frankfurt am Main, financed by donations and run by selected volunteer groups.

A ‘Best’ for us in terms of promoting reading, check out Frankfurt’s Open Bookshelves at:

Bornheim - Merianplatz (the one in the pictures)
Bockenheim - Leipziger Straße 54
Dornbusch - Eschersheimer Landstraße 248
Niederrad - Bruchfeldplatz
Nordend – Oeder Weg 43
Nordend –  Berger Strasse, corner Kantstrasse
Seckbach - Atzelbergplatz

frankfurt open bookshelves


Good reading!

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  1. FrankfurtsBest on said:

    If you fancy browsing through Frankfurt’s biggest bookshop, check out Hugendubel at

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