A random list of some of Frankfurt’s Best. From shops to sunsets, a bit of everything.

Moving to Frankfurt – Tips

Frankfurt Fleamarket Schaumainkai

Everyone’s situation is different. But there are so many things involved with relocating to a new city, we thought that maybe our experience could shed some light to those of you who are reading this because you’re relocating to Frankfurt and looking for some basic helpful information.

This is a small list of tips and advice which will hopefully be of use!

Goethe Institut


If you’re relocating to Frankfurt and don’t speak German, word of advice: learn it. Yes, most people speak a bit of English in the city and a very reduced number of companies have English as their corporate language, but if you want to dive even if only a little bit into German culture and not feel like a complete outsider, learning the language is the first and most important step.

The Goethe Institut is considered to be Frankfurt’s best German language school. The most renowned German cultural institution worldwide, it’s a bit pricier than most other options, but it has the most qualified teachers and delivers the best results.

Hugendubel Bookshop

Hugendubel Frankfurt

Frankfurt’s best English bookshop.

Frankfurt’s best bookshop in gerenal,  for that matter. Its red leather sofas scattered around each floor also make Hugendubel a great place for Frankfurt’s long winter rainy days, as you can comfortably lounge and read for as long as you want.

Hi there!

Hi there!

A friendly hello to everyone following Frankfurt’s Best!

Open Bookshelves

frankfurt open bookshelves

Take a book, leave a book. What a beautiful thing.

You open the bookshelf, browse a bit and take a book you feel like reading. Ideally you replace it with one you brought from home which you already read. No registration, due date or payment. It’s absolutely free.

Winter Sunset

Frankfurt Winter Sunset

Those Frankfurt sunsets can be quite something… shame they happen at 4pm during Winter!